Why Sell Your Gold Tooth to a Dental Gold Specialist?

While there are many gold buyers on the market, few specialize in buying gold teeth and bridges like the team at CrownBuyers. Unlike your average pawnshop, we boast extensive experience in testing and valuing your dental gold. You can feel confident knowing you’re receiving a fair and reasonable price in a timely and convenient manner. […]

6 Reasons Why Dentists Sell Us Dental Scrap

So you’re office has been saving that jar of gold crowns and bridges, and that bag full of PFMs, or white crowns. What do you do with them? What are they really worth? Well, more and more dentists across the country are turning to EcoSolutions for its worry-free refining and payment service. Here are six reasons […]

How We Buy Dental Scrap and Help America’s ToothFairy

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We buy dental scrap from dentists and then we pay America’s ToothFairy TSC EcoSolutions is the fastest growing precious metals recovery service nationwide. We buy dental scrap from dentists across the country by paying great prices and then gives back by sharing a portion of its profits with a charity that helps children. Here’s how it works Dentists […]

What Is Dental Gold & What Is It Made Of?

Have you heard the buzz going around about cashing in your dental gold for cash? You may be able to trade in items you never considered to be valuable and earn extra money. What is dental gold, what is it made of, and how can you use it to make a profit?   What Is Dental […]

Crown Materials and Their Benefits

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A crown on your tooth is meant to protect and strengthen it for lifelong use. There are a few materials that dentists can use for such crowns—each achieves the purpose of a crown but comes with different benefits and procedures that are worth exploring! Here are some details about crown materials and their benefits for […]

Dental Crown Procedures, Care, and Replacement

dental crown procedures care and replacement 632b203584131

So you need a dental crown. Knowing what it is, how the procedure works, and how to care for it (or repair or replace it, if necessary) can help you feel more confident in the treatment and process! Here are some details about dental crowns that will help you feel more in control of this […]

Taking Your Dental Office a Level Up

taking your dental office a level up 632b2613ca71a

Dental offices tend to use the same design elements and structuring in their organization, because they’ve proven a classic presentation that patients feel familiar with. However, making some special efforts here and there can make your offices stand out! Here are a few ways you can do so. Make Your Patients Feel Like Family Familiarity […]

New Trends in Dental Care

new trends in dental care 632b260995bc6

Staying up to date with the trends your fellow dental offices are utilizing can ensure that you continue to offer and provide the best care for your patients. Here are a few of those trends that are highly popular in the dental field, and how or why they may benefit your office too! Efforts to […]

Dental Procedures that Use Metals

dental procedures that use metals 632b25ff37745

When your dental health or the alignment of your teeth are in a detrimental state, it requires professional treatment to fix the problem. Some of these procedures or treatments require using metals to protect the strength and integrity of your teeth while allowing your mouth to chew and talk normally! Here are a few examples […]

Dental Bridges: What They Are and How They Work

dental bridges what they are and how they work 632b25f646b12

Dental procedures have evolved impressively to create treatments that are more effective and less invasive than ever before! One such treatment is called a “bridge”—an uncomplicated procedure that many have felt saves their smile and their comfort. Here is what a dental bridge is and what it can do for you! Why would I need […]

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