Trustworthy, Local Professionals. Higher Value to You.

With our Direct Buyers service, our local professionals come directly to you to buy your dental scrap.

Your dental practice is built on the trust and comfort of your patients. We take your business very seriously and know we are guests in your offices. That’s why in our company we provide the industry with:

  • Quality people. We carefully vetted, selected and trained each of our Direct Buyers. They are all high quality, trustworthy people. We are confident you will be comfortable having them in your office while they buy your dental scrap.
  • Local presence. Because our Direct Buyers live within the area they serve, they are motivated to consistently provide trustworthy service to the dental offices in their area. Our people will be back to your office two to three times a year. They value their relationship with you and will always give you a fair price, guaranteed.
  • A real difference. The precious metals recovery industry sometimes attracts questionable characters who run through an area trying to buy dental scrap as cheaply as possible, with no intention of returning, caring little about their or your reputation. As result, some dentists are understandably wary. But dentists invite our buyers back over and over again because of who they are.

What People Say About Us!

Everybody else that comes through here seems so unhappy and you have a big smile and seem so happy to be doing your job!

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What should you expect when our Direct Buyer comes to your office?

Dentist offices should anticipate the following from each EcoSolutions Direct Buyer visit:

  • Courtesy and professionalism. Our Direct Buyers understand the sensitivity of your professional space and that your patients come first. You’ll be pleased with the TSC EcoSolutions Direct Buyer who serves your area. We are extremely confident in our prices and our professionalism, based upon the testimonials, referrals and repeat buys that come our way.
  • Careful sorting. When your EcoSolutions Direct Buyer comes to your office please give her/him a small well-lit counter space to work and, of course, your container of scrap crowns and bridges. They will then sort your saved scrap into gold crowns (which we call Gold A or Gold B) and PFM crowns (called White A or White B). The “B” designation means that it includes a tooth, post or other extra mass attached to the crown. We adjust the buy price for scrap classified as “B” quality to compensate for non-valuable weight.
  • Valuation and Payment. After sorting, the rep then weighs each category of scrap on a scientific scale and itemizes each category’s weight on a three-part Buy Slip. Next, they calculate the value of each category based upon current precious metals prices, complete the form and present you with a total price. If you accept the proposed purchase price, they will pay you the full value in actual cash, in American Eagle gold and silver coins, in a IRC 1031 tax free exchange, or have a check mailed.  They will leave a copy of the Buy Slip with you or the designated member of your staff.

The entire process typically takes 15 to 20 minutes…

It’s that simple. But only because of our selection, training, processes and procedures, superior pricing and oversight that take place before and after our Direct Buyer arrives at your office.

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