Here’s How Our Trusted, Convenient Crownpak Mail-in Service Works

In areas where we don’t yet have Direct Buyers for in-office visits, or for offices that simply prefer gathering and mailing their materials, we offer a convenient, simple, quick CrownPak FedEx mail-in valuation and exchange service.

Dental offices that elect to work with us via mail-in can be assured of the following:

  • Specialized. All we do is crowns. Our staff isn’t going from jewelry to antique watches to your gold bridges. We specialize in gold and PFM dental material and offer you superior pricing and peace of mind.
  • Simple process. We FedEx you CrownPak mailing materials and you send it back FedEx prepaid and insured.
  • Transparent. We’ll complete our valuation and email you an Exchange Statement within two business days, which you can review and accept or decline. If accepted, we’ll immediately FedEx your payment. In the unlikely event that you decline, we’ll immediately FedEx your original materials back at our cost and insured.
  • Choice of payment. Your Exchange Statement gives you the choice of exchanging your dental scrap for gold and silver coins, actual cash, a mix of coins and cash or a check. Value for value. Simply tell us which you’d like and we’ll FedEx you your CrownPak.

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You folks always give us a great price. We love working with you.

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Here’s how our CrownPak Exchange service works:

1. Order a Dentist CrownPak by simply filling out the form to the right and select “Send a CrownPak.”

2. We immediately send you a free, postage paid, insured CrownPak via FedEx, which you simply return with your gold and PFM crowns and bridges inside.

3. We sort the crowns and bridges, assay/evaluate their Exchange value, and send you an email with the Exchange Statement. If you accept the proposed Exchange, you then choose American Eagle gold and silver coins, actual cash, a mix of gold and silver coins and cash or a check. We then immediately FedEx them to you. If you decline, we’ll FedEx your dental scrap back, at our cost, no questions asked.

Clear enough? Please give us a no-risk, crown back guaranteed trial run by filling out the form on the right and selecting “Send a CrownPak“. We’re certain you’ll be happy.

Have more questions about our CrownPak Exchange process? Simply email us at [email protected] or call 866-775-1107, 9-5 Mountain Time.

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