How Selling Dental Scrap Benefits Your Dental Practice

Dental offices use a variety of precious metals for everything from fillings to crowns, and much of this metal can be sold to refiners. You can collect and sell dental scraps quickly and easily, which makes this an ideal way to add profit to your practice without accruing any extra costs. Consider the items you […]

What Metals Are Used in Dental Crowns?

What Metals Are Used in Dental Crowns?
A variety of metals can be used to create a dental crown. The most common metal types include:


Most crowns will not be 100 percent of one type of metal. Many pure metals lack the necessary physical properties to make usable crowns. For example, some of the […]

Is Your Gold Clean or Dirty?

Dental crowns and bridges, used for restorative and cosmetic dentistry for years, have long contained precious metals such as gold. Those metals are all still being mined to some degree and all have the potential to fall into that “bad guy” business profile. The law of supply and demand dictates that price and profitability are […]

How Much Gold Is in a Gold Crown?

How Much Gold Is in a Gold Crown?

Have you ever wondered how much money people are carrying around in their molars? We’ve all met people with gold fillings—you may even have them yourself—and it’s interesting to think of so many individuals walking around with precious metals in their mouths. But how much gold is in a gold crown, anyway? Is it actually worth anything? […]

Five Ways to Attract New Patients to Your Dental Office

Opening and starting a private dental practice has its challenges, yet can be incredibly rewarding. However, starting the dental practice is only the first leg of the journey. Now that your practice is open for business, it’s important to get business through the door or you won’t be able to keep that same door open for long. Try these five options for attracting new patients. […]

How to Market Your Dental Practice Through Social Media

There is no doubt that social media has taken the online world by storm. Today, the various social media platforms not only provide an avenue for communicating with family and friends but are also important marketing tools for businesses. Regardless of how small or big your dental practice is, you will miss out on amazing […]

Discussing Financial Terms with Your Patients

Discussing financial details is no one’s idea of an enjoyable experience, but it’s often necessary. It’s something people should discuss before moving in together, or getting married, and it’s certainly something medical professionals should discuss with their patients. Financial terms are vast and often confusing when it comes to medical treatments, work, and co-pays. Insurance is different in every state, on every policy, and for each person. There’s no way to predict what it might cost someone to undergo any type of treatment without first checking their insurance. Even then, it’s difficult to pinpoint specifics due to future discovery of additional problems. […]

How to Ease Your Dental Patients’ Anxiety and Fear

Going to the dentist isn’t the most fun activity for many. However, some people find the very idea of being in a dentist’s chair to be completely nerve-wracking. As a dental professional, you provide an invaluable service in not only being able to care for your patients’ teeth, but also in educating them so that […]

How Much Money Is My Dental Scrap Worth?

Do you have dental scrap lying around from old dental restorations that have been replaced? Many dental crowns and bridges are made with precious metal alloys that can be worth real money. Whether you have had an old crown replaced or you are a dentist who has a collection of dental scrap taking up space, it’s easy to convert many types of dental scrap into cash.  […]

What’s the Difference Between a Dental Crown and a Bridge?

Maintaining your dental health is one of the most important things you can do. You only have one set of teeth and they should last your whole lifetime! When you have issues with your teeth, it can affect everything else that you’re doing until they’re fixed. Trust in your dentist, as well as routine dental […]