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We’ve been at this precious metals buying and refining thing for a while now. We’ve literally handled hundreds of thousands of crowns from all over the country. And, along the way, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to get you the best price and super service.

Three key elements go into our pricing evaluation:

Quality The most important question we always ask, and our dentists, dental assistants, and individuals always ask when they see a yellow-ish metal is, “Is that gold!” Something about gold stirs the human heart. Nonetheless, it is precisely what we ask ourselves. At our headquarters, technicians use XRF technology to determine the presence of precious metals. We assess the composition of metals in the crowns and bridges provided. Sometimes there are healthy quantities of gold, palladium, silver and platinum. Sometimes, nickel disappointingly abounds. But our weights, measures, and Xrays will get a true read on the quantity of good stuff.

Purity. The next big question is, “How pure is the metal?” Well, that also depends upon a lot of factors and is a bit of a time travel question. The crowns being extracted today were likely placed more than 15 years ago — with labs and dentists varying widely in the alloy compositions and metal purity levels used. So, we handle this by comparing the quantities measured with what we know of purity trends from areas and zip codes across the country, and provide our best estimate. Just so you know, those gold crowns average 11.5 karat, or around 48% pure.

Big data. Every time we evaluate dental scrap, we get smarter and better. Because we have data from thousands upon thousands of refined gold and PFM crowns and bridges, we have become even better at reliably predicting how well we’ll be able to recover the palladium, gold and silver in the crowns we see. Our data allows us to determine a benchmark price using our internal data and international precious metals spot prices. Because we specialize, our data are tailored to the dental industry, and we are usually able to pay better than a refiner that tries a little of this, a little of that.

We have the tools to assess the presence of precious metals in your dental scrap, we know purity trends, and we use our specialized dental industry data to ensure you a great price and great long-term service. Welcome to CrownBuyers.

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