Our Better Science Gets You Better Prices

Our innovative sorting and valuation process, data analytics, specialization, purchase volumes and large dental refining batches enable us to pay you more.

We only do dental scrap. Some other services believe they can do everything, including jewelry, antiques, dental supplies, and technology parts as well as scrap. We optimize our efforts around dental crowns and bridges.

We do not use the standard, inefficient fire assay model.

  • Dental scrap contains highly varying percentages of precious metal, thus most other services do (or represent that they do) a costly fire assay on every relatively small batch they buy.
  • Compared to jewelry, dental scrap with its wider range of ingredients is much more difficult and complex to fire assay.
  • Small batch fire assays are also plagued with inaccuracies due to limitations on how much time can be affordably spent to optimize the results.
  • The fire assay model builds in high fire assay overhead that, if avoided, would make more value available for dental offices.

Our Database Pricing Model is better science that gives you better pricing

Our dental clients come back to us over and over because we:

  • Avoid the costly fire assay model. As described previously, it is very inefficient, costly and inappropriate for the dental scrap market.
  • Sort and weigh your scrap carefully. Either our Direct Buyers at your offices or our highly trained office staff will sort your dental crowns and/or bridges into four categories: Gold A or B, and White (PFM) A or B, and weigh the sorted material.
  • Use a proprietary Pricing Database. Our massive database of thousands of purchases and refining provides us with remarkable analytics around average yields for Gold A, Gold B, White A or White B. We use these averages plus current spot prices to determine our purchase price.
  • Deliver higher average prices. Your crowns may actually test out a bit more or a bit less than our average, but because of our sorting, weighing and pricing methodologies, we will consistently give you superior pricing. With our high volumes of scrap coming from dental offices nation-wide, we do much more accurate, large scale, and cost-efficient refine lots. We run a tight ship, thus we have more to pay you and you are the beneficiary.

Higher pricing for PFMs

One other key to dentist satisfaction with our service is our capabilities with PFMs. Most precious metals recovery services fixate on gold. It is shiny, well understood and in the news. Thus, much of the precious metals recovery industry focuses on gold crowns and pay very little for Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) crowns and bridges.

TSC EcoSolutions has invested significant resources in developing processes that enable us to capture more value from PFMs. Rather than give away your PFM scrap at low prices, or throw it away, give us a try!

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