Our Background

TSC Ecosolutions is a national company with services throughout the United States with plans to grow into other areas. We bring deep professional service experience to the dental industry. Our management and local representatives come from a variety of backgrounds but share a commitment to professional, trustworthy service. Each member of our company team has been hand-picked for their integrity and capability.

Our Commitment To You

We deliver timely, trustworthy, and transparent service for dental practices seeking to recycle removed dental crowns, and we give back to the community.

Leadership Experience

Dick Sanders, Founder and President of TSC EcoSolutions, LLC

Educated at Brigham Young University and the University of Florida College of Law, Dick Sanders began his career as a Tax/Business attorney based in Boise, ID and quickly found his niche in business development and innovation. His practice included medical, foundations, major recreation, public utility, mining, timber and manufacturing clients. He did extensive work in mergers and acquisitions.  Then, having caught the entrepreneurial bug, Mr. Sanders embarked on a thirty year career launching and building market-driven, environmentally-oriented businesses. Some examples include:

  • An industrial drying technology business that transformed by-product brewer’s yeast streams produced by the brewing industry, previously discarded as waste, and turned it into a vital resource for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • A leading water conservation company that invented and installed devices in homes and apartments throughout the West and Southwest’s most water-strapped communities, not only saving natural resources, but also city and county budgets.
  • Developed, owned and managed urgent care and family health centers and full service medical imaging centers, helping to meet the needs of his community in northern Arizona.  His company hired as many as nine doctors in a single year.
  • Consulted in the medical/dental industry in areas of development, compliance, divestitures, acquisitions and consolidations.
  • With more than 32 years of experience providing economic and ecological solutions to the medical, dental, recycle and other industry, Mr. Sanders recognized the need for a company that better served the recycling interests of the dental industry. He developed a special relationship with an international refining company, working together with them to create more value from dental scrap, especially PFMs, all in compliance with the Patriot Act and highest ecological standards.

Additional Experience

As a company that manages precious metals, we seek to maintain the privacy of our representatives and staff. We have attracted a fascinating array of talent and experience to deliver a new level of service and trust to dental scrap recycling. The following is a sampling of the background and experience of our team:

  • Strategic project management in the telecom industry
  • Graduate student from Harvard University
  • Strategy and business analyst in technology industry
  • Sales and service in recreational vehicle industry
  • Mothers who care for children and manage busy households
  • Health and financial services for small business
  • Technical manager in communications industry
  • Finance and accounting services

What People Say About Us!

You folks always give us a great price. We love working with you.

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Friendly faces. Professional people.

Dentists, their office staff, and patients feel comfortable having our Direct Buyers calling on their office to provide our precious metals recovery service. It’s not hard to see why. Take a look at some of the friendly faces of some of our Direct Buyers!

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