In a recent post on its site, America’s ToothFairy acknowledged a grant award made possible through a TSC EcoSolutions grant to help support families in need. With resources generated from buying dental scrap from our dental clients across the nation, we have been able to support the mission of the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation. Here’s a thank you letter from our partners:

Refugee children learn about oral health with support from America’s ToothFairy

$5,000 TSC EcoSolutions ToothFairy Grant was recently awarded to the University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston to support their outreach activities to underserved immigrant populations living in the Houston area.  With your generous support, dental and dental hygiene students will provide oral health services to Burmese and Bhutanese refugee families in Houston through the Refugee Oral Health Promotion and Education Program.  
These families face financial, linguistic, and cultural difficulties while learning how to live in an urban environment after spending considerable time in refugee camps.  Many of these families have never been exposed to oral hygiene instruction or common oral care products such as toothbrushes, fluoride, and toothpaste.  Utilizing educational resources and materials from America’s ToothFairy, they will promote healthy behaviors and preventive strategies to improve children’s overall wellness.  UTSOD will work with local community leaders to improve oral health literacy among refugee children and their caregivers and gain a thorough understanding of the dental needs of these children and translate educational materials into their native languages.  
On behalf of the children we serve, thank you for your contribution.  Your support helps to ensure our most vulnerable children receive the vital oral health services they need and deserve!”
Thank you America’s ToothFairy for the important work you do and the help you orchestrate. And thanks to the dental offices who choose TSC EcoSolutions for their dental scrap refining needs. We pay you top dollar and find a way to do good.