While there are many gold buyers on the market, few specialize in buying gold teeth and bridges like the team at CrownBuyers. Unlike your average pawnshop, we boast extensive experience in testing and valuing your dental gold. You can feel confident knowing you’re receiving a fair and reasonable price in a timely and convenient manner. There’s a reason that so many dentists send their clients to CrownBuyers.

Not Your Average Pawnshop

If you’re selling your gold for the first time, you may have fantasies of taking it to a shop like the one featured on TV’s Pawn Stars. While these stores may be fun to visit, they don’t necessarily offer the best value for dental gold. If you want to garner the highest price for your unwanted gold crowns and caps, don’t hesitate to contact a trusted dental gold company like CrownBuyers.

Leaders in gold buying, we are proud to say that we have an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau. There’s a reason that so many dentists refer their patients to our service. And thanks to our easy GoldPak system, you don’t have to live in the greater Heber City area to get a great price on your gold. Simply mail in your discarded gold crowns and bridges and receive cash by check or PayPal.

How Much Is Scrap Gold Worth?

At CrownBuyers, we use an accurate and scientific measuring system to determine the price of your unwanted gold. After you send us your caps and crowns, we will evaluate the precious metal content using our state-of-the-art X Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (XRF). Our experts start by separating any remaining tooth matter from the metal. We will then place the metal component on a scientific scale in order to achieve an accurate measurement. Finally, we will use our handheld XRF to examine the gold and assess its overall quality. It’s important to note that dental gold varies widely in terms of alloy compositions and purity levels. If you have a gold tooth to sell, don’t hesitate to contact CrownBuyers for a fair and accurate evaluation.

Let CrownBuyers Assess Your Dental Gold Value

At CrownBuyers, we use to assess your dental gold value. You can rest assured knowing you’ll get top dollar for all your gold caps and gold crowns. For more information about our services, or to request a GoldPak in the mail, contact us online.