6 Reasons Why Dentists Sell Us Dental Scrap

So you’re office has been saving that jar of gold crowns and bridges, and that bag full of PFMs, or white crowns. What do you do with them? What are they really worth? Well, more and more dentists across the country are turning to EcoSolutions for its worry-free refining and payment service. Here are six reasons why they choose EcoSolutions:

1. We Specialize. We specialize in dental scrap. It’s all we do. A lot of groups out there do a bit of everything – from crowns to jewelry to computer components. Well, we don’t do it all. We do crowns…really, really well.

2. Got Au or Pd? We know how to evaluate and refine Gold and PFM crowns so you get top dollar. Do you want top dollar for your gold, palladium or both!? We are particularly fantastic with PFMs. So, if you have a gold buyer you like, give us a try with your PFMs.

3. We’re Techies. Our technicians use state-of-the-art XRF equipment to evaluate precious metals in your dental scrap. We also analyze tons of data from all of our evaluations, purchases, refinement to know how to get you the best payout at current market prices.

4. Guaranteed. We guarantee you’ll be happy with our service. We guarantee it. If you don’t like the quote we give you, we will send your crowns back on our dime.

5. Free. We provide free shipping. When you order a CrownPak from us, it will arrive within a couple of days. Send it back with the dental crowns and we pay the shipping.

6. Simple and fast. We can pay you in cash, check, coins or a blend of both through our Exchange program.

Our service has been trusted by thousands of dentists and individuals nationwide. We are approved by the Better Business Bureau and a proud partner of America’s Tooth Fairy. We will provide you an insured, transparent, worry-free process to get top value for your dental scrap. If you prefer an in-office visit and evaluation, we can arrange one of our remarkable Direct Buyers to visit.

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