How We Buy Dental Scrap and Help America’s ToothFairy

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We buy dental scrap from dentists and then we pay America’s ToothFairy

TSC EcoSolutions is the fastest growing precious metals recovery service nationwide. We buy dental scrap from dentists across the country by paying great prices and then gives back by sharing a portion of its profits with a charity that helps children.

Here’s how it works

Dentists sell gold crowns and sell PFM crowns to us for cash through our Direct Buyer visits to their offices all across the country. We also buy dental scrap from dentists via our  CrownPak mailer program, and we pay dentists through cash, check and/or gold and silver coins.

After we pay the dentists, we then help children through our exclusive partnership with America’s ToothFairy by paying them a portion of our proceeds. As a corporate sponsor of America’s ToothFairy, we pay you great prices for your crown(s) and bridge(s) and in so doing help improve the oral health of some of America’s neediest children.

We support America’s ToothFairy 

The National Children’s Oral Health Foundation formed in the U.S. in 2006 as a collaborative effort among dental clinicians, academics, corporate sponsors and philanthropists. It is an independent, non-profit organization that supports oral health education and dental care for at-risk children, which helps motivate us at EcoSolutions to grow and provide better and better service to dentists — so that we can help too. America’s ToothFairy’s services extend throughout the U.S. and Canada and involves a growing network of like-minded dentists offices and supportive sponsors. The impact on kids will last their lifetime.

Why Pediatric Dental Services?

Pediatric dental disease can have devastating social and economic consequences for vulnerable children and families. America’s ToothFairy serves as EDUCATOR about the importance of oral health, PREVENTER of disease and PROTECTOR of children. With a growing Affiliate network of exemplary non-profit community programs, the Kids Club, professional and student service programs, America’s ToothFairy is creating a powerful, united effort to eliminate tooth decay and protect the smiles of our most vulnerable children.

Support from America’s ToothFairy provides materials for community outreach activities, oral health screenings and treatment for at-risk children, xylitol, fluoride and sealant products to prevent tooth decay and vital oral health education for all children and their families.

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