What Is Dental Gold & What Is It Made Of?

Have you heard the buzz going around about cashing in your dental gold for cash? You may be able to trade in items you never considered to be valuable and earn extra money. What is dental gold, what is it made of, and how can you use it to make a profit?  

What Is Dental Gold?

In the past, when a dentist gave their patients a crown or filling, gold was often used. When those teeth or fillings fall out or are removed, the metal can still be useful. The gold is separated from other materials, smelted, and refined before becoming a new treasure. Crown Buyers can help you determine whether the dental gold you have can be traded in and what it is worth.

What Is the Purpose of Dental Gold?

Dental gold is more than just a fashion statement. In addition to becoming shiny golden teeth, this type of metal was used to create crowns, fillings, and bridges. It is soft enough to mold into the right size and shape but hard enough to be used for chewing. It can also withstand the acidity and chemical makeup of the body and saliva, so it won’t break down or corrode. That made it a popular dental material.

What Is Dental Gold Made Of?

Pure gold cannot be used for dental procedures because it is too malleable and changes shape inside the mouth over time. Dental gold is an alloy, which is a mixture of gold and other metals such as palladium, silver, tin, or copper. Several types of gold can be used for different looks and purposes, including both yellow and white gold. Silver has also been used in dental work, and so has mercury amalgam.

How Is a Price Determined for My Dental Gold?

When you submit your dental gold to a pawn shop or gold buyer, you are most likely working with someone who takes all types of gold and is not specific in their pricing. Choose a buyer that works specifically with dental gold, such as Crown Buyers, and you will get a much higher payout for your gold because they know exactly what your items are worth.

How Do I Cash in My Dental Gold?

If you have dental gold you would like to sell, Crown Buyers makes the process simple and straightforward. Fill out a short online order form, and we’ll send you a GoldPak right away. This prepaid and insured postage package will keep your gold safe during shipping. All you have to do is insert your dental gold and return the GoldPak to Crown Buyers for assessment. 

Dentists can also trade in their collections of dental scrap for extra cash. The process is similar. Order a free CrownPak, fill it with gold and PFMs, and send it back. We’ll pay you for your scraps, and you can use the cash for whatever you would like.

Time to dig through your drawers and check out those chompers. What is dental gold? It just may be money in your pocket!

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