What Are the Benefits of Gold Crowns?

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These days, if you need a crown on a tooth that has broken or deteriorated, your dentist may suggest porcelain. Dental crowns made of gold have been around for centuries, and they’re still available for people who need to protect a fragile tooth. Gold crowns have some advantages. Easy on the Mouth For a crown […]

Environmental Benefits of Dental Waste Recycling

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The last time you had a filling or crown replaced, you may not have thought about what happens to the old materials the dentist takes from your mouth. Filling material contains metal, and so do many crowns. These materials aren’t just thrown away—they are recycled. Hazardous vs. Non Hazardous Waste Dental waste may include both […]

How Your Dental Practice Can Earn Cash for Trash

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A busy dental practice can produce piles of waste, including plastics, cotton, latex, medical sharps, and metals from amalgams and other dental appliances. Many of these materials can be hazardous, and dentists must follow laws for disposing of them. Metals used in dentistry, however, are recyclable, and you can get paid for it. Disposing of […]

Metal in the Mouth? It’s Recyclable

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Nearly everyone who has had dental work has some kind of metal in their mouth. Even if it isn’t visible, metal is an essential component of many dental appliances and devices. When these need to be removed, don’t discard them—the metal in your mouth is recyclable, and you can get paid for it. Fillings Many […]

Why Is Gold Valuable?

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Gold has been held in high esteem in every civilization on earth throughout the centuries. It has been used for currency, for adornment, and for practical purposes, such as dental crowns. Gold is considered valuable for a number of reasons. Limited Resources You may have heard of gold referred to as a precious metal, and […]

What to Look for in a Dental Scrap Buyer

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Busy dental practices produce a great deal of scrap that must be disposed of properly. Recycling the metals, especially gold, can be environmentally responsible and can earn you a little money on the side. But, you want to make sure you’re dealing with a reliable, reputable scrap buyer. Here’s what to look for. Quality Process […]

What to Do When Dental Crowns Go Bad

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Dental crowns are sturdy, long-lasting solutions to decayed, damaged, or brittle teeth, but they don’t always last a lifetime. Over many years, problems can occur that require the crown to be removed or replaced. Most often, the crown is removed, any decay beneath it is cleaned up, and a new crown is placed on the […]

What Factors Affect the Price of Gold?

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Buying and selling gold is popular with both investors and individuals hoping to make a little cash. Since gold is easily recyclable and reusable, even scrap gold, such as broken jewelry and used gold dental crowns, can have value. But the price of gold fluctuates due to a number of factors. Supply and Demand Supply […]

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

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When you have a dental crown placed, you might hear it referred to as a “permanent crown.” While you and your dentist may hope that the crown will last you the rest of your life, certain factors can and so shorten the life of your crown. Understanding those factors can help. Materials The type of […]

Why Choose a Specialized Dental Scrap Buyer?

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Many companies these days deal in collecting, recycling, and metals such as gold, copper, aluminum, and silver. Some companies will offer consumers cash for old jewelry or other metal household items. But for the metals used frequently in a dental practice, you should choose a specialized dental scrap buyer. Understands the Dental Practice A company […]

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