New Trends in Dental Care

Staying up to date with the trends your fellow dental offices are utilizing can ensure that you continue to offer and provide the best care for your patients. Here are a few of those trends that are highly popular in the dental field, and how or why they may benefit your office too!

Efforts to Reduce Patient Anxiety

Having strong, healthy and aligned teeth is wonderful. The procedures that are sometimes required to get that healthy smile are often less than “wonderful”, at least in regards to comfort and recovery. For decades the priority was on performing procedures and treatments correctly—but with today’s innovative technologies, procedures are increasingly straightforward, which allows dentists to focus more on the comfort levels of the patients! Dedicate some time and resources to providing customers with the most relaxed and painless experience possible. Reducing dental anxiety in individual patients will keep them coming back to you long-term.

Laser Dentistry

As far as treatments go, the technology available is ever-improving. One of the most exciting tools the dental field is taking full advantage of is lasers! For work on both hard and soft tissue, laser treatments have a huge range of possibilities. Their accuracy and effectiveness make them a highly sought after option for patients (and therefore dentists!) And the list of benefits doesn’t end at “accuracy”: lasers can reduce the pain levels, reduce the amount of bleeding, are versatile enough to work with cavity removal and filling repair or tissue shaping. They even make whitening teeth a faster process! Explore the many procedural and post-procedural benefits of lasers, and consider adding them to your tools.  

3D Printing

Possibly the fastest growing market in dentistry is 3D printing. This tech has quickly become a go-to for many medical purposes, and is able to produce quality items in a variety of materials, and at low costs to the manufacturer and supplier and medical professional, and therefore (most importantly) the patients in need. Dental care often uses molds to create aligners, retainers, dentures, and crowns. Having easy access to a 3D printer can reduce your reliance on outside suppliers and reduce the turnaround time for your patients, which makes everyone happy! Old crowns or dental fillings made from metals can deteriorate or become damaged over time. Those can be replaced with 3D printing!

Furthermore, once metal has been replaced, you can sell those scraps to us at Crownbuyers for an easy extra bit of income. Look into how we can service you today, and add us to the list of ways you’ll innovate and improve your clinic to keep up with the trends making everyone’s dental care better. 

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