Dental Crown Procedures, Care, and Replacement

So you need a dental crown. Knowing what it is, how the procedure works, and how to care for it (or repair or replace it, if necessary) can help you feel more confident in the treatment and process! Here are some details about dental crowns that will help you feel more in control of this process.


When the natural enamel of your tooth has been broken down or weakened over time because of harmful bacteria, the tooth needs to be cleaned thoroughly and then fitted with a kind of ‘cap’, that matches the actual tooth as closely as possible, to allow further use. The cap—called a “crown”—is made of a durable material matching or even surpassing the strength of a natural tooth. The dentist will clean the tooth, including removing the damaged or overly soft parts of the tooth through drilling, and then take a mold of the remaining tooth. That mold is used to create an identical match to the tooth itself, made of that durable material, that the dentist cements into the tooth.

Care and Maintenance

Caring for your crown should look like caring for your natural teeth. Keep your teeth healthy by brushing and flossing routinely, removing that harmful bacteria that will otherwise eat at your teeth. If you have a tendency to grind your teeth in your sleep, make sure you use a mouthguard that protects your teeth from intense pressure that can crack or break up your crown material. You should also avoid hard and sticky candies that will push and pull on the sensitive parts of the crown and cause the material to break.


If your crown has broken down, chipped, or cracked, you will need to get it repaired or replaced entirely. This procedure will look similar to your initial crown placement: the tooth is numbed, the cement weakened so that the crown can be removed easily, and then the tooth is recleaned and x-rayed or impressed with a mold to create a new crown.

Old crowns may be worth some sell-back money if they are materials like precious metals. These “scrap” metals can be collected, melted down, and used for a variety of things! If your crown is in need of some attention—and potentially a complete replacement—contact Crownbuyers today to consult with one of our professionals on how we can pay you for your old crown, and then get in touch with your dentist to get the process started!

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