How Selling Dental Scrap Benefits Your Dental Practice

sell dental scraps
Dental offices use a variety of precious metals for everything from fillings to crowns, and much of this metal can be sold to refiners. You can collect and sell dental scraps quickly and easily, which makes this an ideal way to add profit to your practice without accruing any extra costs. Consider the items you come into contact with every day in your dental business. Do you know which ones you can use to create another revenue stream?

What Is Dental Scrap?

Your dental office is full of valuable scrap items you can trade in for cash and use to keep your business thriving. This can consist of any used or unused material that is worth more than the cost of recycling it.

The most common items that are considered dental scrap include the gold, silver, and palladium materials used for crowns and bridges. This material is readily available during extractions and many other dental procedures. Yellow-gold crowns, inlays, and overlays typically have the highest value. Check out the list below for more opportunities your dental practice can sell dental scraps.

  • Gold, silver, platinum, or palladium from crowns, caps, or bridges
  • Mixed precious metal dental work
  • Porcelain-fused metal (PFMs)
  • Porcelain-fused gold (PFGs)
  • Fillings
  • Inlays
  • Onlays
  • Grindings and polishings
  • Dental casting plates

What Do Most Dentists Do with Dental Scrap?

Many dental offices don’t even consider the possibility of trading in these precious metals for a profit. They are simply cleaned up and thrown out with the trash. Others sell dental scraps to soliciting agents looking for a quick turnaround, which means those dental offices are most likely being underpaid for their metal materials. Selling to a refining company or specialized dental scrap buyer, like CrownBuyers, is the best option if you want a fair price and complete honesty during the transaction.

Benefits of Selling Dental Scraps

Choosing to sell dental scraps is a great business move with fantastic benefits. You can help the environment, the community, and your budget with a simple change to your routine. Start saving your scrap material to take advantage of these benefits.

Bolster Your Finances

Perhaps the most obvious benefit to your dental practice is the financial gain that comes when you sell dental scraps. Many dental offices have been able to make extra money each year just by saving and selling their unwanted precious metals. Plus, you may well have older patients with gold crowns, bridges, or fillings from many years ago that now need to be replaced. Lucky for you, these older materials contain a higher percentage of precious metals, which means more money in your pocket.

Help the Environment

Selling dental scraps that would otherwise be discarded is an easy opportunity for recycling! When materials can be refined and used to make new products, there are fewer negative environmental impacts. For example, the need to mine for new metals will reduce when there are more available materials already in play. Plus, sustainable practices are appealing to customers and can easily be used in positive marketing campaigns for your practice.

Give Back to the Community

If you choose to sell your dental scraps to CrownBuyers, a portion of their profits will be donated to America’s Tooth Fairy. America’s Tooth Fairy, also known as the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation, supports nonprofit clinics and other community partners that contribute to local oral health needs. They aid in providing access to dental care for children who would otherwise be unable to obtain it.

They also provide education about oral health in various ways throughout the community. This includes events to help those with autism and special needs interact with dental caregivers in order to lower stress and overstimulation during a dental appointment.

How Much Money Can I Get for Dental Scraps?

The amount of money you earn from selling dental scraps will be determined using a specific scientific process to ensure you get the best possible price. CrownBuyers will assess what your precious metals are worth using the criteria below. We’ll also cover all the shipping costs and provide you with prepaid FedEx materials for mailing in your dental scraps.


Once your dental scraps have been collected and sent to us, we use XRF technology, a form of X-ray spectroscopy, to calculate the presence and amount of precious metals. Once the composition of the materials has been evaluated, the detected metals will be weighed and measured to calculate a precise quantity.


The purity of the gold used in dental practices has changed over the years. Older crowns and bridges contained more pure gold than the metals currently used in dental offices. We thoroughly analyze the trends of gold content in various locations in the US. An average amount is calculated and compared with the quantity of your materials. Gold crowns average around 48% pure, or 11.5 karats.

Data Collection

Every time we analyze dental scraps, we collect more data that can be used for calculating the best price for precious metals. This data enables us to formulate reasonably accurate predictions for how much we’ll be able to sell the gold and other metals, which allows us to give you the best possible price. We specialize in precious metals from dental scraps, so we have become extremely skilled at pricing these items, as opposed to a company that collects metals from various sources.

The Benefits of Selling to CrownBuyers

CrownBuyers is dedicated to transparent and timely service, as well as giving you the best price available. Our superior analysis process allows us to accurately assess the value of your precious metals and reward you accordingly, with no hassle. Along with your above-average payout, you get to be part of a greater movement providing dental healthcare to underprivileged children in the community. We’ve also received an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau and are committed to integrity and customer service above everything else.

How to Sell Dental Scraps With CrownBuyers

When you sell dental scraps with CrownBuyers, the process is fast, simple, and straightforward. Plus, we offer a crown back guarantee. Feel free to contact us if you are not satisfied for any reason and we will resolve the issue or return the items you sent us.

Step One: Order a GoldPak

The first step is to fill out the form on our website and let us know where to send your GoldPak. Once we’ve reviewed your request, we’ll send you a confirmation email right away. Next, we’ll send you a free GoldPak, which is a prepaid and insured envelope from the US Postal Service, plus detailed instructions for sending us your dental scrap materials.

Step Two: Send Us Your Dental Scrap Materials

Once you have received your puncture-proof and discreetly labeled GoldPak, simply put your dental scrap materials inside and send it back. Shipping is already taken care of; all you need to do is put it in your mailbox or drop it off at the post office.

Step Three: Get Paid

When your GoldPak reaches us, we’ll match the shipping form on your package with the order form you originally placed with us. We will evaluate the precious metals in your package and determine the amount they are worth. After we have calculated the payment amount, we’ll send you a confirmation email with the details for payment.

At this time, you decide if the payment amount is acceptable and let us know. If you accept our offer, we’ll send your payment right away. If you are unhappy with the terms presented, we will return your submitted materials by mail immediately.

If you fail to respond to the confirmation email, we will assume all is well and move forward with sending you the designated payment amount.

CrownBuyers: Your Trusted Resource for Dental Scrap Sales

CrownBuyers delivers above-average payouts for your dental scraps and we always put our customers first. Contact us for more information about how to sell dental scraps or to get started today.

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