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It doesn’t get any easier that this. Simply send us your gold tooth and we will send you money.


Request a GoldPak. First, fill out the request form on the right side of this page. We will review your contact information and immediately mailed you a free GoldPak — a prepaid, insured US Postal Service envelope with details about how to package and safely ship your gold tooth. Secure, fast, insured…


Ship us your Gold Tooth. We send you a pre-paid, discreetly labeled USPS mailer for a convenient, fast, reliable and insured method of shipping us your gold tooth and/or crown. The information you include with the mailer will ensure we have the right contact and payment information. What next?…


Receive your Payment. The day we receive your GoldPak, we will evaluate and send you the payment amount for your gold. If you accept the payment we propose, simply reply in the email and we’ll send you a check immediately! If not happy with our evaluation, we’ll send your crown back, at our expense. Learn more…

Get your money from a trusted process. We offer a crown-back guarantee.

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