What to Look for in a Dental Scrap Buyer

Busy dental practices produce a great deal of scrap that must be disposed of properly. Recycling the metals, especially gold, can be environmentally responsible and can earn you a little money on the side. But, you want to make sure you’re dealing with a reliable, reputable scrap buyer. Here’s what to look for.

Quality Process

Before agreeing to sell to a dental scrap buyer, ask about what processes they use in sorting, weighing, evaluating, and pricing the scrap. Dental scrap can be messy. You might have gold adhering to part of a tooth, a post, or a piece of other metal. You could also have gold parts in porcelain crowns and bridges.

Many dental scrap recyclers use the fire assay process, which involves using heat and metal to separate out the valuable metals. Because dental scrap uses a wide variety of substances, fire assay can be inefficient, inaccurate, and expensive.

Professional Services

Reliability and good customer service are the hallmarks of professionalism. You want personal and personalized service, as well as someone who understands the unique needs of the dental practice. A buyer that’s willing to come directly to your office can save you time and answer any questions you may have.

Some companies buy dental scrap as a sideline to other metal recycling they do. Find a company that specializes in working with dentists. They will respect your time and treat you like a valued customer.

Fair Payment

The dental scrap buyer should be upfront about their pricing model. Gold is valued according to its weight. But with dental scrap, you are not selling pure gold. Dental crowns are typically alloyed with other metals. Therefore, the karat (percentage of gold) also makes a difference in the price.

Some dental scrap buyers will offer choices in how you wish to be paid. You can sell your dental scrap for cash or even do a “like-kind” swap for gold or silver coins. The coins make a good investment for the future.

While selling dental scrap has many advantages, you don’t want it to be a hassle. Working with the right dental scrap buyer can make a big difference. Explore your options, ask questions, and choose a buyer you can work well with.

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