gold tooth recycling

Is Your Gold Clean or Dirty?

Gold in its very essence is shiny, beautiful, and ultimately noble. It has long been a sign of royalty, riches, and refinement. Unless, you spend a lot of time looking at how it came out of the ground. Like most industries in the world, there are good guys and bad guys. There are plenty of gold mining facilities and locations that run a perfectly clean operation and improve the socio-economic standing of the region and/or country in which they operate.

Unfortunately, those bad guys are bad enough that they can make the whole industry look and smell really, really foul. Gold mining seems to have joined diamond mining as the business du jour for international slime balls. These slime balls include everyone from drug lords to human traffickers to genocidal guerrillas. A few really bad guys can have an extremely negative effect on the rest of the industry.

Precious Metals and Gold in Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental crowns and bridges, used for restorative and cosmetic dentistry for years, have long contained precious metals such as gold. Those metals are all still being mined to some degree and all have the potential to fall into that “bad guy” business profile. The law of supply and demand dictates that price and profitability are largely based on the intersection of those two elements. If the world has a demand for gold, be it jewelry, semi-conductors, or dental crowns, then the supply will find a way to match. In the case of gold, the more demand, the more need for mining- or recycling.

Recycling Dental Gold

At CrownBuyers, we provide a way to recycle the gold and other precious metals that have been used in dental prosthetics for years. We provide the cleaner side of bringing the supply of gold up to the demand. While freshly mined gold may have some blood to dull its shimmer, recycled gold has a pretty green sheen. The process of refining and recycling gold can be dirty and dingy, but it is ecologically responsible. Those metals can ultimately end up in one of a couple different places: a refining facility or a landfill. Plenty is known about the environmental impact of landfills, as well as the environmental benefits of recycling in any capacity. On top of the green nature of recycling gold and other precious metals, it also inserts “clean” metal into the market and lessens the demand or need for those “dirty” metals.

Bless Lives

Our mission statement at CrownBuyers of “Bless Lives” is something that we put before anything else, including profits. We pride ourselves on taking care of our employees and their families and the clients that we service across the country. We also take pride in the ecological and social good that we are trying to do. Refining dental scrap so that it can be reintroduced into the market in a responsible way is just one way that we feel like we can do our part to better the environment and bless the lives of even the most oppressed people around the world.