How Is CrownBuyers Different From Other Dental Gold Buyer Services?

Based in Utah, CrownBuyers offers clients a safe and secure way to sell their unwanted dental gold for cash. Unlike other services, we concentrate solely on gold and don’t deal in precious metal refining. Because of this singular focus, clients can rest assured knowing they’re getting the fairest prices for their gold teeth and bridges. Additionally, the volume of clients we deal with enables us to offer higher rates than many of our competitors.

Our Gold Evaluation Process

When you send us your unwanted dental gold, we will utilize our cutting-edge XRF technology to determine its true value. While some crowns contain large amounts of gold and other previous metals, others include a fair quantity of nickel and other less-valuable components. It’s important to realize that most crowns average about 15 karat in purity. Additionally, we utilize internal and international precious metals data when setting benchmark prices.

Once we’ve measured and assessed the purity of your gold, we will provide you with a fair and reasonable offer. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with the price of your gold, just let us know. Unlike other online gold buyers, CrownBuyers offers a crown-back guarantee with absolutely no questions. Over the years, we’ve handled hundreds of thousands of crown sales expertly, and you can count on us to handle yours as well.  

We Support Children’s Dental Care

Along with getting clients the best price for their assets, the team at CrownBuyers strives to help the greater community. That’s why we donate a percentage of our profits to America’s Tooth Fairy, a part of the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation. Offering services throughout the US, America’s Tooth Fairy provides disadvantaged children with top-quality dental care. The goal is to put smiles on the faces of children in need while teaching them how to care for their teeth and gums. Send us your crowns today and help improve the life and appearance of a deserving youngster.

Sell Your Gold Dental Crowns for Cash

Based in Heber City Utah, CrownBuyers pays high rates for all your gold dental crowns and caps. Our top goal is to offer every client a fast and simple gold-selling process with no roadblocks or hassles. Additionally, we offer transparent services to ensure your comfort and confidence throughout the process. For more information about gold teeth cap prices, or to request a GoldPak, call today or request a consultation online.

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