Direct Buyer Client? Give Your Patient a Mailer for Their Gold Crown

Good for your patients. Good for you.

To give dentists a better way to serve patients who desire to take their gold crowns home with them to sell, our Direct Buyers provide free patient mailers for you to give those patients. The patient then sends the gold crown(s) to EcoSolutions where we evaluate and compensate the patient and send your office a “thank you” check for referring the patient, together with more mailers.

We offer your patients a crown-back guarantee that our prices will exceed local gold buyers, pawn shops and others who lack experience handling dental gold. If the patient’s expectations are higher than the amount of our check, they need only return the check, and we return their gold crown.

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Sorry, but we only offer this patient service for offices served by our Direct Buyers. Give us a call, and if we serve your area, we will send a Direct Buyer to provide you with the materials you need to participate.

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