How to Ship your Dental Scrap

Refining Dental Scrap

At CrownBuyers, we take pride in refining and recycling your dental scrap and paying you the most money possible for your precious metals. We adhere to the strictest ecological guidelines for that process to help protect this beautiful world. We follow a different process for determining a value for your scrap as well.

Rather than doing a costly and inefficient fire assay on just your small (or large) amount of scrap, we have found that we are able to pay more by using statistical data gathered over the last decade. Thus, we sort your scrap into certain categories (based on that data), weigh it, and price it according to our pricing algorithm. This also allows us to give you a Test Drive on our services. If you like our offer, we pay you cash. If you prefer to hold onto your scrap, you will receive it back at our expense and in the same condition in which we received it. There is virtually no risk for your office!

Learn More About Shipping Your Dental Scrap

Please watch the video below to learn how to ship your scrap to CrownBuyers. Then, call or email with any questions or when you are ready to ship your scrap.

If you have not yet received your CrownPak box, please visit Mail-in Services.