What You Do to Sell Your Gold Tooth

Step 1: Order a GoldPak.

Get your GoldPak right away by filling out the Order Form (make this a link to form) online with your contact and mailing information. Once complete, we’ll send a confirmation to your email and send your free GoldPak right away!

Step 2: Send your Gold.

  • Once you receive your safe, insured, puncture-proof, prepaid postage GoldPak, place your GOLD CROWN(s) and/or GOLD BRIDGE(s) into the packaging with the completed Shipment Form we provide and simply place it in your mailbox or drop it by the post office. Remember, do not add any stamps; we pay all postage.
  • Remember to send us an email the confirming that you have shipped per instructions on the Shipping Form.

NOTE: Sorry, at this time we don’t accept porcelain or white crowns unless they are accompanied by a gold crown or gold bridge, even if the metal the porcelain is fused to is a gold color. Also, please do not send all-metal crowns that are not yellow gold.

What We Do to Pay You For Your Gold

Step 1. Confirm your shipment

Once we receive your GoldPak, our professionals carefully open it and match your shipping Form with your original Order Form and mailing information in our database before we and perform the evaluation assay process.

Step 2: Send payment

  • On the business day we receive your Gold Crown(s) or Gold Bridge(s) we will send you a confirmation email, confirming receipt of your crown and our proposed PAYMENT AMOUNT based upon our assay.
  • If you reply on email and accept the PAYMENT AMOUNT, we will immediately mail your check or send your payment through PayPal!
  • If you reply by email that you don’t accept the PAYMENT AMOUNT, we will immediately return your crown(s) or bridge(s) by mail.
  • If we receive no reply from you within 5 business days after we send the confirmation email, we will assume the PAYMENT AMOUNT is satisfactory, mail your check and refine the crown(s) or bridge(s).