What if I refer someone to you?

We appreciate any helpful recommendation on social media. If you directly refer someone to us through our “Send a friend” contact form, we will pay you $10 if they accept our Payment Amount.

How do you compare to other services?

We specialize in dental gold, not just dabbling in it alongside jewelry and pawned goods. We have become a trusted service provider nationwide for both dentists and patients. We use cutting edge technology and processes to ensure you get the right price for your asset. We also offer a crown-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied […]

Should I be paid by check or PayPal?

It is completely up to you. Once we evaluate your gold and you approve the payment amount, we immediately send a check, which will arrive in your mailbox within a few days. If you choose PayPal, you receive payment immediately.

How do I get top dollar when you give some of it to America’s Tooth Fairy?

To clarify, we pay you a top dollar, and we pay a portion of our remaining share to America’s Tooth Fairy to benefit needy children. We believe in giving back, out of our proceeds, not yours. What you get is the good feeling along with your cash! If you’d like to also find a way […]

What happens if my GoldPak get’s lost in the mail somehow?

Accidents rarely, but occasionally happen in transit. Out of the thousands of crowns sent to us, very, very few have been misdirected. We insure your GoldPak so you can trust that your asset is safe, and that you’ll be paid even in the event it gets lost in the mail.

How do you know the right price for my gold tooth or bridge?

We use X Ray spectrometry to assess the gold content of your crown or bridge to ensure we pay you top dollar for your valuable asset

Do I need to weigh my gold at home?

No, we will weigh your gold for you.

How will I be paid?

We mail you a check, or do a direct deposit into your account.

What do CrownBuyers buy?

We buy gold dental crowns and gold bridges.